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Entertainment Distribution Company (EDC) is not just the exclusive supply chain service provider for manufacturing and distribution of CDs and DVDs for the Universal Music Group, the world leader in the music industry. We also produce and distribute CDs and DVDs for numerous other successful companies in many different industries and fields of entertainment. Companies who expect the high standards in quality and service that we have been providing for many years.

Universal Music

Universal Music, global market leader in the music industry. Entertainment Distribution Company (EDC) produces and distributes Europe-wide for Universal Music CDs and Audio DVDs on high standards in quality and service.

Activision Blizzard

Activision Blizzard is a global developer, publisher and distributor of multiplatform interactive entertainment. EDC is responsible for the logistic services in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.


Navteq is a leading global provider of digital map data. This data is used in most vehicle navigation systems sold in North America and Europe. The corresponding navigation CDs and DVDs are produced by Entertainment Distribution Company (EDC).


World-renowned company. We produce voice recognition software CD-ROMs for applications in the medical and legal fields for the Philips Speech Processing unit.


As a Bosch subsidiary, the company is the market leader for the manufacture of car radios in Europe. For Blaupunkt we produce special test CDs with predetermined specifications which are used to test the functions of car radios with integrated CD player manufactured by Blaupunkt.

Audatex Unternehmensgruppe ADP

Distribution of data calculation software for car damage calculation and valuing second-hand cars for experts, insurance companies and repair shops. We produce the corresponding CD-ROMs.


One of Germany’s largest technical-scientific publishing houses for whom we produce software CDs containing information about worldwide DIN standards and legal and administrative regulations with technical relevance.