Four Top Picks For Restaurants When Visiting Grapevine TX

This list of restaurants in Grapevine TX is going to take you to one place each for breakfast, lunch and dinner, as well as a bonus pick. You’re about to discover four of the best dining establishments the city has to offer its residents and its visitors. Whether you’re traveling to Grapevine on vacation or you live in the city, these top four places to eat could make some great stops for you and yours.

You have 39 choices regarding places to eat in Grapevine that serve up breakfast. One of them is Snooty Pig Cafe. Snooty Pig Cafe is located at 4010 William D Tate Avenue, and it is a place where you order at the counter. The place is in a great neighborhood according to reviews, and as for the food, you’re talking about a home-cooked breakfast. You can get pretty much anything you want for breakfast, even oatmeal.

I mentioned there would be a pick for breakfast, lunch and dinner, plus a bonus pick. Let’s go ahead and take care of the bonus pick first because I want to tell you about a bakery. The place is called Main Street Bistro & Bakery. It’s a great pick for breakfast, too, if you want to shake things up, or you could visit it in the afternoon for lunch or just to grab a snack.

The bakery is located at 316 South Main Street, and people have great things to say about the crepes and the breakfast tacos, among other menu items. Okay, it’s time to get to the top lunch pick, however, and the name of the place is Cafe Italia. You might think more of an Italian restaurant being a good spot for dinner, but Cafe Italia, located at 2647 Ira East Woods Avenue, makes for a great place to order up lunch as well.

Then the top dinner pick is Tolbert’s, located at 423 South Main Street. Any restaurant on Main Street that garners good reviews is worth a visit. Main Street is part of a historic district there that is mentioned on lists of major attractions in Grapevine TX. Tolbert’s is a great place to order up fajitas, burgers, frito pies, catfish and more.

These top restaurants in Grapevine are sure to impress, and you will be eating good. Enjoy the picks for breakfast, lunch and dinner, and be sure to stop by the bakery, too, if you get a chance.